At the Bend Lighting showroom we have fixtures from hundreds of light suppliers for you to choose from.We can help you with everything from locating a unique table lamp to designing an entire lighting plan for a new construction.

Here are some of the ways we can help you bring light into your home.


Interior Lighting

Lighting your home properly and with style can make all the difference in your living environment. Your rooms will have a glow, your home accessories and artwork will be highlighted and you and your guests will be cast in the best possible light.


Exterior Lighting

If you take pride in your grounds — the tasteful trees, the statuesque shrubbery, the beautiful garden –why not enjoy them by night as well as day? We carry a wide variety of exterior lighting options for your home’s taste and budget.


Chandeliers & Pendants

Chandeliers and pendant lighting add drama, warmth and sparkle to your home. Styles range from understated contemporary chandeliers to colorful mini-pendant lights, to find the fixture that fits your décor and lifestyle



Bath & Vanities

Proper bathroom lighting requires a combination of task and ambient lights. Surround your bathroom mirror with vanity lights for sparkle and functionality.


Table & Floor Lamps

Check out our huge selection of floor lamps and table lamps perfect to light up an entire room or simply brighten a reading area.


And Much More

We also carry Wall Sconces, Pool Table Lighting, Theatre Room Lighting, Desk Lamps, Torchieres, Paddle Fans, Monorail, Track Lighting, Cable Systems, Lamp Shades, bulbs and Mirrors and Décor.